Pioneer Valley Homeschooling Group

About Us

PVHG found its roots in a playgroup of 5-6 families that were meeting twice a month in the year 2000. People were strongly considering homeschooling and were looking for time to connect with families with similar values with regards to their children's education. After a little time the playgroup began to meet weekly and then twice a week either at someone's home or at an event.

Events and gatherings were organized by a family for the benefit of the others and most of the families would show up. As the group grew, communication became more of an issue. Monthly meetings were arranged so that events and get togethers could be arranged ahead of time and a paper calendar was mailed to families in order to keep us all informed.

By this time, the group had grown to 20+ families and spin-off groups began to form to meet the individual needs of homeschoolers. A parent directed monthly publication also became available for homeschooling families to ask questions, introduce themselves, offer resources and share their creativity. As the group continued to grow and the needs of its members changed, some ideas were kept, some were left behind and new ideas were adopted.

Today, we continue to grow and explore ideas that meet the needs of the individual while still maintaining a sense of community within the group. We strive to be available for support and outreach for new families who are interested in homeschooling as well. Four years later, we are still a member driven, non-exclusive, eclectic, grassroots group of families that organizes activities, shares resources, helps new homeschoolers, and creates community together. The group is organized as follows;

  • Communication- One can express ideas, ask questions, look at the activity calendar, share resources or class information through a message board on the PVHG website. A paper list also exists which includes the names, addresses, birthdays, and interests of individual homeschool families in the area.
  • Monthly Meetings/Gatherings occur at various people's homes to encourage us all to play and talk together in a casual setting. Arrangements are made to host a meeting by individuals voluntarily to maintain continuity and cooperation with old and new members of the network.
  • Spin-off Groups are formed by individuals who wish to explore topics and take classes with a group of individuals. Groups can be privately arranged among members or they can be communicated to the group with guidelines that the facilitators feel comfortable with. See Spin-off group page for some sub-groups which have happened through the years.
  • Planning events is not a group process in which one need to work with a core group of folks before setting something up. It is solely up to the discretion of individuals to plan an event and to set the appropriate guidelines for that event. If you're interested in doing a field trip to the Higgins Armory or in studying flying machines you set it up. If you need help you can ask for help and question others to see if the event is worthwhile to pursue for the group. The more each individual participates in activities and the more he/she organizes for the group the better off we all are. In general, we do not charge each other for the skills we share.

PVHG is still growing, so join us for the support, the networking possiblities and to socialize with our eclectic bunch. Come talk with people about what works and what doesn't work for you on the personal level and at the homeschooling community level. Your input can broaden everyone's perspective and can allow the group to meet more people's needs.